Route Profiles

Route Profiles

Day 1 – Route Description:

Runners familiar to Delvera’s trail runs must not expect the same routes as normally used for the popular trail runs hosted at this venue.

We swop the routes around completely and runners in the 25km do the entire ascent of the Klapmutskop, the only annual opportunity to do so in a trail run. This requires climbing a few steps towards the end of the first climb as we enter the hiking trail routes on the koppie. The reward is stunning views over the Boland from an elevation of 523m.

The 15km runners do not do the entire climb to the top, making for a slightly easier ascent but they still top out at around 400m above sea level.

Day 1: Long Route Profile

Distance: 25km, Elevation: 692m

Day 1: Short Route Profile

Distance: 15km, Elevation: 434m

Day 2 – Route Description:

Runners on both distances head to Uitkyk Wine Estate with the 25km runners treated to Never Say Neverending Again, the 10km singletrack trail winding it’s way midway up the Simonsberg. The 25km route tops out at 640m above sea level, offering spectacular views of False Bay and the panorama continues all the way to Table Bay and north up the West Coast.

For 2019 the 15km route enjoys more singletrack. The 25km is a singletrack fest with over almost 17km of trail!

Day 2: Long Route Profile

Distance: 25km, Elevation: 743m

Day 2: Short Route Profile

Distance: 15km, Elevation: 454m